Easiklip Wood Flooring

Benefits of an Easiklip Floor


  • Real Solid Wood Planks. It is not laminate, finger-jointed or made from smaller pieces of wood. Easiklip is the real thing.
  • Saves Time. A large floor can easily be installed in a day. No nailing or glueing.
  • Immediate Results You can walk on your floor straight away. No need to sand, oil, varnish or wait for glue to dry.
  • Saves Money. No need to pay for a joiner or fitter. Typically a joiner will charge £20+ per square metre.
  • Simple Installation. No special equipment to buy or hire. All you need is a saw, pencil and square.
  • No waiting for your joiner. Install your floor when it suits you.
  • Whether you rent or own your home, you know you can take your Easiklip floor with you. How many other floors can you say that about?

For Professional Construction

  • Time is Money. The longer your joiner takes to fit the flooring the more it costs you.
  • Flooring is usually the last part of your project. If you're getting close to that deadline then Easiklip could save you from costly delays.
  • In your show home. Want to show your new build at its best? Easiklip allows you to install a solid hardwood floor in your show home then take it to your next project.
  • As optional extra. Add real value in a matter of hours.